Podbrdo Mountaineering Society


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Mountain running
Podbrdo Mountaineering Society 
GRS station Tolmin
Municipality Tolmin
Mountain running cup of Primorska region
Tomaž Štenkler, GSM: +386 (0) 41-468-469
Constantly rising
Length 6.3 km
Height difference 1320 m
Record: 47 minutes and 46 seconds - Peter Lamovec 2006


The only run with a fruit cup on 1800 meters above the sea level

- Start: at 9:00 at the turning of the public road to the village Trtnik.
- The route leads along the asphalt road to the village Trtnik and continues along the path across the meadow above the village and then along the marked hiking path to the top of Mt. Črna Prst.
 - Route length: 6.3 km, altitude difference: 1320 m
- Medals for the first three places by category
- Cup for the oldest male and female participant and the youngest male and female participant 
- Medals for the best three male and female runners of the upper part of Baška grapa (area of PD Podbrdo)
- Cup for the first three places absolute men, women
- Commemorative prize
- Hot meal and drinks
The run on Mt. Črna Prst is a part of the repertoire of Primorski Cup of mountain runs (www.primorskigorskiteki.si) and is considered as participation on the Bouquet of mountain runs. See the rules on the link http://www.pdpodbrdo.si/
- Registration fee: 15,00 EUR at the start point from 7:00 am on.
- Family discount: for registrations of three participants from the same family one member is exempt from the entry fee.
- Reduced fee: 12,00 EUR - if paid until 31.12. 2016
- Preregistration is desirable and is possible on the website www.pdpodbrdo.si till 31.08.2017
A Younger members (men) born in 1988 and younger
B Members (men) 1987 - 1981
C Senior members (men) 1980 - 1974
D Younger veterans (men) 1973 - 1967
E Veterans (men) 1966 - 1960
F Senior veterans (men) 1959 - 1952
G Super veterans (men) born in 1951 and older
H Younger member (women) born in 1992 and younger
I Members (women) 1991 - 1983
J Senior members (women) 1982 - 1976
K Younger veterans (women) 1975 - 1969
L Veterans (women) 1968 - 1961
M Senior veterans (women) born in 1960 and older
Additional categories:
- Members of the GRS up to 40 years (born in 1977 and younger)
- Members of the GRS over 40 years (born in 1976 and older)
- Locals: men and women (the area of PD Podbrdo)
- Non-contestant (to be considered as only participant)


Organizer will deliver the clothes left in minimum at the start before 8:00.
- Each participant is competing at his/her own risk, underage participants - on parents' responsibility
- Written complaints shall be adopted no later than 13:00 at the registration desk by the Commission composed of president Tomaž Štenkler and head of the timekeepers Jure Panjtar.
- The official results are published at 13:15 on the notice board.

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