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Hut Zorka Jelinčiča Črna prst
Mountain area

Julian Alps

Dom Zorka Jelinčiča

Hut telephone:  
(+386) 31/260 400   

(+386) 5/3808 260





Current hut status OPEN
Category 1

In 8 rooms

in common beds 28

Winter rooms 2

Sits in dining room


Hut master:  

Matjaž Trojar 041/697-730

Description of the mountain:
On the northern slope of the summit of Mount Črna Prst (Slovenian, Black Soil) you can notice the black soil after which the mountain got its name. Črna Prst is known for its flora, which abounds mainly on its southern but also on the northern slopes. The mountain is located in the Lower Bohinj Ridge above Bohinjska Bistrica. Just a few meters below the summit there is »Dom Zorka Jelinčiča« hut, which is open during the summer season. The rest of the time, when the hut is closed, the tourist may use a modest bivouac for an overnight.
Description of the hut:
The hut is located just below the summit on the south side of Mt. Črna Prst (1844 m). It is open from late June to mid-September. The eatery has 56 seats and a bar counter; 10 beds are in 5 rooms, and 2 dormitory places have capacity for 40 persons; the winter room has two beds and a stove (fuel is to be brought); WC; the eatery area is heated by the stove; rainwater, generator and photovoltaic cells for electric lighting, radio communication.
The view:
Towards the east you can see the Lower Bohinj Ridge, Mt. Ratitovec behind them and the peaks of the Kamnik Alps in the background; from the east to the south the view glides from the Škofja Loka ridge with Blegoš to Mt. Porezen and Mt. Kojca, to the upper part of Baška Grapa with Podbrdo, to the southern steep slopes of the Lower Bohinj ridge above the valleys of Bača and Koritnica, to the Idrija hills and Trnovo forest and continues towards Nanos, Javornik and Snežnik; to the west you can see the Lower Bohinj ridge towards Mt. Rodica and Mt. Krn in the background, to the left Mt. Matajur and in a good visibility also Friuli plain and the Adriatic sea; in the north you can see the Bohinj valley with the lake, Mt. Komna and peaks above it, Pokljuka plateau and the peaks from Tosca to Debela Peč, the Karavanke mountains in the background and the majestic group of the central part of the Julian Alps with Mt. Triglav.



Dom Dr. Janeza Mencingerja - Črna prst (Čez Orožnovo kočo) 2 h 45 min Easy marked way
Kocenpohar - Črna prst 2 h 45 min Easy marked way
Dom Dr. Janeza Mencingerja - Črna prst (Čez planino za Črno goro) 3 h 15 min Easy marked way
Planina Razor - Črna prst (Pot čez Vogel-Rodico) 7 h Hard marked way
Vrh Bače - Črna prst 2 h 45 min Easy marked way
Podbrdo - Črna prst 3 h Easy marked way
Kal - Črna prst 2 h 30 min Easy marked way


Panorama View from air
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