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About society
Podbrdo Mountaineering Society (PD Podbrdo) is a relatively young association, as our territory was under the aegis of Italy in the past. The border ran just along the surrounding hills, so the movement there was limited. After the liberation the situation changed, and people started gaining interest for mountaineering, but there was no man who could bring them together. Finally, such person was found. Ivan Anderle, born in Žiri, convened a founding meeting of Podbrdo Mountaineering Society on the 3rd of March 1957.
Today Podbrdo Mountaineering Society (PD Podbrdo) carries out the following activities:
* sustains the voluntary mountaineering activity
* organizes trips, hiking tours, meetings etc.
* cooperates with Simon Kos elementary school in Podbrdo within the hobby group
* is responsible for staff training
* operates and maintains the hut on Mt. Črna Prst
* maintains the hiking trails
Sections of the Society:
* Mountain guiding (excursions, hiking)
* Marking section (indication and maintaining of the paths)
* Mountaineering section
* Service section (maintains the hut on Črna Prst)
* Sections Koritnica and Grahovo ob Bači
* Section of Simon Kos elementary school Podbrdo
PD Podbrdo consists of 5 elected members, which hold regular meetings and discuss all the related issues. The society is related to Inter-Association Committee Posočje.

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